Group Exercise

  • Part 1 – 10 minutes reading.

  • Part 2 - 30 minutes group discussion.

  • Part 3 – 5 minute presentation on what you/the group agreed.

  • Presentation - preparation and delivery.

Participating in this session will enable you to:

  • Understand where negotiation skills are needed in graduate roles and how employers will look for evidence of these in the application process.

  • Understand different techniques for successful negotiation.

  • Develop your own negotiating ability through practical exercises.

  • Approach any negotiation exercises or situations with increased confidence.


  • Workshop on areas of strength and areas for improvement on both a group and individual level..

  • Common mistakes and different approaches you can take to suite your natural style.

  • Develop your own negotiating ability through practical exercises.

  • Individual, 1-1 feedback.

There are certainly do’s and do not's in a group exercise that will score you bonus points or hinder your success at assessment centres. However, you also have a personality that should not be masked so, we will work closely with you to ensure that you work to your strengths and are aware of your weaknesses.